Clinical implementation

Payers/Reimbursement Subcategory for discussion on topics regarding third-party payers, challenges, and successes to coverage and reimbursement for pharmacogenetic testing Clinical Informatics Subcategory for questions, answers, and discussion on integrating pharmacogenetic test results into electronic health records and clinical decision support Clinical Genotyping and Labs Subcategory for questions, answers, and discussion on clinical genotyping laboratories, methods, platforms, and interpretation. Patient Education Discussion on best practices for return of results to patients and families, updating results, and general education. Clinician Education Subcategory for discussion on best practices for clinician and trainee education, including formal curricula, certificate programs, fellowships, and residencies PGx Dissemination Materials Resources related to the scientific and clinical basis of pharmacogenomics
Topic Replies Activity
Major announcement from FDA about review of evidence to support gene-drug pairs 1 February 21, 2020
Pharmacogenomics: Statements, Standards, and Competencies 1 January 29, 2020
Introductory PGx Cases 1 January 29, 2020
Proposed CMS local coverage for testing, open comment starts 10/7 1 September 10, 2019
AMP issues statement on best practices for pharmacogenetics testing 1 September 6, 2019
CPIC Term Standardization Part II 1 July 12, 2019
CYP2D6 update to translation 6 June 28, 2019
List of clinical pharmacogenomics implementers 1 June 27, 2019
Testing companies reducing offerings 2 June 27, 2019
Implementation of CYP2D6 genotyping: challenges and successes 2 June 25, 2019