CYP2D6 update to translation

How are implementers updating results? How will you contact patients? Are you doing clinician education?

One consideration is ACMG Policy statement on patient re-contact after revision of genomic test results.

While not directed at pharmacogenetic test results specifically, several points are applicable. Some keys in my opinion:

  1. Based on the principle of beneficence, an ethical obligation exists to at least attempt to re-contact the patient in circumstances that may meaningfully alter medical care (i.e. change in pharmacogenetic phenotype where prescribing recommendations would differ?)

  2. Re-contact is a shared responsibility among providers, the laboratories, and patients

  3. The discussion regarding re-contact should be documented in the medical record, meaning a discussion should therefore take place with the patient about the possibility of re-contact. Formal re-contact policies may be recommended and should be provided to patients.

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For those looking for more information about the CPIC CYP2D6 genotype to phenotype standardization project, it is available on the CPIC Resources page here.