Examples of Using R for Data Science Related to Pharmacogenomics or Healthcare related

Does anyone know of excellent resources or site to go to for learn using R and with examples relevant to pharmacogenomics or healthcare data science? I like this example here a lot and wonder if any other one that you know? http://laurawiley.net/AMIA-2015-Using-R-for-Healthcare-Data-Science/

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I obtained the following response from Dr. Laura Wiley (LINK),
As far as other resources – here are a few other options I know of:

  • My Coursera Clinical Data Science Specialization (www.learnclinicaldatascience.org) – As you noticed the specialization is paid – however you can actually audit each individual course completely for free and get ~95% of the content. Auditors get full access to all course videos, readings, and programming assignments. The latter assignments all have “Try it for yourself” exercises with the answers also available to auditors. The only things that are paywalled are the weekly graded quizzes. Auditors also get free access to our online computational platform thanks to our partnership with Google Cloud.
  • RStudio has created a number of resources for learning R (https://education.rstudio.com/) – I also highly recommend Hadley Wickham’s R for Data Science Book available online for free (https://r4ds.had.co.nz/)
  • For other informatics related tutorials I know there have been a number offered at various AMIA conferences over the past 5 years, so that may be worth looking into. You also might look into resources offered by the OHDSI group – they have a number of exciting R packages though I’m not sure whether they have a lot of tutorial content as well.