How to post a question

We’ve made a README Topic covers this but it does take a bit of looking around, so I decided to pull out just this piece of info and hope it helps people who need it quick.

How to post a question in the forum:

  1. Find a Category on Categories page that is relevant to your question, if not sure, you can always post to General or Other categories

  2. Click on the category name to get to its page, then you might choose a Subcategory too if needed

  3. Click the red “+” button at the bottom right of the webpage to create a new post (or new Topic as we call it) and type away

  4. Once done, click the red button “+ Create Topic” at the bottom of the Editor and you’ll be creating a new post in this Category!


  • Even when you’re not in a Category that you want to make a post, you can always click the red “+” button to create a post and assign its Category from within the slided up Editor

  • You can select its appropriate Category from a dropdown menu (or type in the space to quickly get to your desired Category) as well as adding tags!

If you have any question about this please Reply to this Topic!

Happy posting!

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