What other eQTL databases besides GTEx Portal that you know about and recommend to use?

Check out some of these examples:

  1. Kidney eQTL: http://nephqtl.org/ , http://susztaklab.com/eqtl

  2. Blood/Immune Cells eQTL: https://eqtl.onderzoek.io/index.php?page=info, https://humandbs.biosciencedbc.jp/en/hum0099-v1

  3. Muscle and Adipose eQTL: https://mdsetaa.phs.wakehealth.edu/public/results/index.cfm

  4. Brain eQTL: http://www.braineac.org/

The eQTLGen Consortium is also a nice resource for cis-eQTL, as well as trans-eQTL and eQTS.